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Melora S.

User since Aug 2021

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

"After months of staring at myself on zoom, I wanted to do something about the sun damage on my skin. I tried out Docent on a whim, not expecting much. Almost immediately, I could see a lightening of the darker spots on my forehead and cheeks. Before Docent, I thought that there was nothing that could be done, short of expensive lasering or blistering chemical peels. But now I can care for my skin from the comfort of home."

"Things are great. I am starting to see impact from the tretinoin and have enjoyed trying out the products recommended from the shelfie analysis. This is fantastic! I love the value and luxe options. THANK YOU!!!"

“I’m not sure why you get so many boxes from docent but it is working…you look younger (not that you looked old) and you look fresh and the spots are fading away. You look beautiful…and you should probably put it on your neck too” - from my 9 year old daughter

Holland S.

Rosacea, Fine Lines and Wrinkles

User since Feb 2022

"I can't even begin to tell you the difference in my skin! Within 2 weeks I started to see the change. I have a lot less redness in the morning, less skin irritation, and overall, more of an even tone and smoother texture.  I am someone who has struggled growing up with redness and irritation because of the sensitivity of my skin and I just overall feel like my skin is better now and better balanced. Thank you for letting me try it out and help me feel more comfortable in my natural skin."

Ellen W.

Hyperpigmentation, Rosacea,
Fine Lines and Wrinkles

User since March 2021

"I've been using the Docent line for two months now, and already am seeing less redness and fading of my hyperpigmentation!  It was incredibly easy to sign up, speedy delivery of the product, and responsive customer service.  I love getting professional recommendations without the hassle of going to see a dermatologist (setting up appointments, insurance, co-pays).  As a busy professional and mother of three, I want to take care of my skin, but can't seem to find the time!  Now, I have a simplified daily skin care regimen that addresses MY specific skin care issues, with a long-term targeted treatment plan updated as needed with my feedback.  I highly recommend trying it! I like the convenience of the quick, professional assessment online, and the delivery to my door. It also integrates seamlessly into my daily beauty routine.

Angel G.

User since April 2021

Hyperpigmentation, Maskne
Skin Texture or Firmness, Rosacea, Fine Lines and Wrinkles

"For years now, I've gone to the dermatologist regularly to pick up skincare products for my various skin condition, including sun spots. Since being introduced to Docent, I have been amazed at the quality and effectiveness of the skincare products I receive monthly and at a much more reasonable price. Not only do the Docent dermatologist know exactly what my skins needs especially as it changes regularly, I am able to save time and money by turning to Docent skincare products."

Caroline G.

User since March 2021

Hyperpigmentation, Melasma,
Skin Texture or Firmness

"I've been using Docent for about 2 months now to prevent signs of aging and treat hyperpigmentation, which runs in my family. I'm in my late 30s so it's not too bad yet but I wanted to prevent what's coming and treat some of the spots I already have. The treatment really is customized for you - my second bottle was different from the first, and the the support team was there to answer my questions along the way. I had no idea that what I really needed to effectively treat dark spots was prescription grade medication, and I'm already seeing results. I'm excited to stop using all the other expensive products I had been buying. With two young kids at home and working full-time, I never would have found time to visit a dermatologist in-office, so this easy and convenient service is exactly what this mama needed!"

David H.

User since April 2021

Skin Texture or Firmness, Rosacea,
Fine Line and Wrinkles

"Started a regimen with docent primarily to address an aging problem. 2 months in and there is a NOTICABLE difference! My skin looks lighter, brighter, softer andYES....YOUNGER!! Besides the visual improvements I was extremely impressed by the fact an actual licensed dermatologist was involved in creating my formula and is still involved in my ongoing care and progress. I am glad I am no longer wasting my time with expensive products claiming to be the fountain of youth."

Maryse B.

User since Sept 2021

Skin Texture/Firmness,
Fine Lines and Wrinkles

"I LOVE Docent! I've tried other skincare companies in the past, but the level of product customization and (most importantly) personal attention I get from the Docent dermatologists & team is so much better. My skin is pretty sensitive (I'd always get irritated with other products/companies), but they've been able to create something for me that's gentle on my skin and I can still see noticeable improvements. I don't get breakouts but wanted to focus on improving my fine lines, texture and sunspots I'm starting to get on my face and they targeted exactly what I was looking for. They're always super quick to respond to my questions/concerns when anything comes up. Thank you Docent!!"

Gladys G.

User since Jan 2022

Skin Texture/Firmness,
Fine Lines and Wrinkles

"Wow!! Seeing the comparisons side by side is amazing! I definitely see the improvement in the photos as well as in person with my skin texture."

Khushbu N.

User since Aug 2021

Acne, Hyperpigmentation

“Before I started Docent I didn’t think my skin would be able to recover the insane acne breakout. But slowly after I started using it, my skin started getting better. It helped me regain my lost confidence and I don’t feel the need to cover my face anymore.”

Mikhala W.

User since Jan 2022

Acne, Hyperpigmentation,
Skin Texture/Firmness, Rosacea, Maskne

"This is the best my skin has looked…I had minimal irritation with the topical or any side effects with the oral. I have been very impressed with Docent (the quality of the formulation and level of patient care). I used another brand for years and did not experience improvements of this caliber or level of customer service and medical care. Thank you so much! I really appreciate Docent’s quick and professional responses. You guys are great :)"

Will D.

User since Dec 2021

Acne, Hyperpigmentation

"I have been using docent for the past 3 months and I have seen a noticeable improvement in my skin! In high school, I saw a dermatologist regularly but struggled to find a way to incorporate those appointments in the chaos of adult life. As a result, my skin suffered. Since finding docent, I not only have been able to resume the clinical level care that so positively impacted my skin in my youth, but also have learned what my more mature skin now needs. The hyper simple yet impactful routine is exactly what"what the doctor ordered” (no pun intended!) and something I know I can commit to for years to come!

Rachel R.

User since April 2021

Acne, Hyperpigmentation

"I’ve really enjoyed my experience with Docent! The formulas are actually customized to me and there has been more collaboration than with similar skincare services. My skin is looking a lot better and I hardly have break outs anymore, which is great news for someone with skin on the oily side!"

Patrick S.

User since March 2022

Skin Texture/Firmness,

"The whole experience withDocent has been amazing. From start to finish, working with the Docent team has been very easy and super successful! I'm only two months into my treatment and already seeing the desired skin improvements. Their team has been great to work with and have quickly responded to the questions I've had. Great value and results!"

Andrea B.

User since April 2022

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

"Great customer service –docent responded so quickly to my question, and I had a new product delivered within 2 days. I love the convenience and the high-quality service. Also love the way the product feels like velvet on my skin. The cleanser is awesome too."

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"You guys where so quick to help and spot on with the right products for you skin."

Keshni C.

"My skin has been loving the 0.08% tretinoin. I’m ready to step up. I can’t believe how amazing my skin looks and feels!"

Sacha S.

"Thank you so much for your excellent customer service! I appreciate you 😊"

Renee P.

"Made it easy and simple for me to get skincare done. As a guy, I am very new to everything but want to preserve my skin as I am getting older."

Zach P.

"My skin is loving it!"

Deepika K.

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